Here are some friendly tips that I want to pass along that can help when finding and booking your next appointment at a salon.

Two Types of Salons

There are two types of salons and lots of folks don’t realize this when they go looking for a new stylist.

First there is a commission salon, where the stylist works on a commission basis. In a nutshell, the stylist makes a commission for the butt in the chair and the service the stylist is performing. (And for all the fabulous advice she/he gives you on your love life.)

Then there is chair rental. This is where the stylist is in business for herself and pays a monthly payment of rent to the salon owner.

I am a chair rental stylist. Which means I work when I have clients on scheduled days and if I don’t have clients I don’t go to work. Pretty sweet deal, huh! I am my own boss. I buy my own product and use what ever product I love best. I am responsible for my further education, promoting my bidnez, etc. If I want a day off I get to take it and come to work when I have clients.

The reason I’m writing this is to inform y’all and help you understand how to get yer fabulous butt in my fabulous chair. I get calls often from clients wanting to make same day appointments and I feel bad trying to explain that I’m not in the salon and I’m self employed and unfortunately can’t help them right at that minute.

So when looking for a salon the first thing is to try and figure out is if you are calling a commission salon or a chair rental salon if you need to get in that day. If you don’t need to get in that day, I would really love to hear from you. If you need work done that day, I will commiserate with you and seriously feel really bad about not being available. And then I’ll drink my latte.


mel1  This is sweet little Mel, a friend and co-worker. Yesterday she let me take over her hair and we did this awesome Ombre. Here are the before and after photos and I’m so super pleased at how it came out.



Have you noticed this new tend walking the streets? Dark roots and lightened ends? It’s called a balayage or an ombre.

Balayage Hair

Sarah is sporting a bayalage above. Every person’s bayalage is going to look different, since it’s a type of painting on the hair that your stylist creates. Balayage is a French word meaning scanning or sweeping, and it refers to the motion we use with the applicator when we put the bleach on.

You can use any color you like. One of my favorites is brown to blonde, maybe a bit sun kissed, like the picture of Sarah.

Bayalage with blonde tips

I also really love the brown with just the tips blonde like the second picture. There is a lot of control over how the application is done. I can carefully take just pieces of hair, a few strands or a clump, and apply lightener from roots to ends.

Ombre brown to red

And if you want a bold statement take a look at the dark hair with the red ombre at the bottom. All of these looks are way less up keep then the failure foil we are used to.

Hair color is clearly not what it used to be—a conservative all-over look. If you want to stand out from the crowd, consider seeing me for a bayalage or ombre and let’s paint you a picture of hairstyle success!

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