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(Fake) Red Hair Care

How to care for your red hair

Courtesy of HJI

Having recently gone red myself for about a day, I know how fun this color can be for a lot of women (and men too). It can really make you stand out in a crowd.

My son told me I looked like a freak (aren’t children darling) and my partner was less than thrilled, so I went back to black.

Clients often ask me about caring for hair that’s been dyed red so let’s chat about that.

Shampoo for red hair

Dye jobs don’t go away just because your hair grows. All dyes fade and red dye fades faster than any other. Lots of sun will murder your beautiful red locks.

If you’re someone who has to wash their hair every day or they go crazy, red might not be the color for you. Everytime you wash your hair, you wash some of the dye out, no matter what the color. This is especially true for red dyes.

If you spend the money to look ravishingly red, you should get a shampoo that is sulfate-free. You can also look for shampoos specially made for red hair with red dye in them.

Which red hair shade

There are so many shades of red hair dye today. They range from orange to plummy. But you can also have red with highlights, dark or blonde with red, red hair with brown highlights, or just about any combination you can think of.

Christina Hendricks of Mad Men

Christina Hendricks: Mad Woman, Natural Blonde

If your skin is already light and orangish, like Christina Hendricks of Mad Men, you obviously don’t want to go with an orange-red dye. So skin tone is definitely going to play a role. African Americans often look fabulous with the plummy reds but again, it depends on skin tone.

The bright reds also have various shades. The woman in the picture above has chosen a bright red that works well with her skin tone but there are even brighter shades available.

The bottom line for all of us fake redheads? It’s going to take a little more care and maintenance. But it’s so much fun, it’s worth it.

If you’re a red head by choice, leave me a comment about your experience. Do you get more attention?

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