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Tacoma Haircuts with a Bang

Baby Doll Bangs | JOEY Tacoma Stylist

Baby Doll Bangs

Anyone of any age can wear bangs (called a fringe outside N. America). There is such a variety of ways to treat bangs that I can find a style (often several) that will flatter most faces.

Why have bangs?

Many people think of bangs as something to cover a high, broad forehead but camouflaging your dome is not the only consideration.

The purpose of any hairstyle is to frame the features of your face. Any style you choose with your stylist should be a haircut that flatters your best facial features. Eyes for example.

Betty Davis eyes and bangs

If you are blessed with large, expressive eyes, they’re always going to be the most prominent feature of your face. Baby Doll bangs usually stop just above or on the brow and so might be crowding your baby blues (or browns).

Swoopy Bangs | JOEY Tacoma Stylist

Side-Swept Bangs

Swoopy or side-swept bangs can be used to good effect with large eyes. Bring them down across one eye and you can look mysterious and sexy while revealing the captivating size with the other eye.

Bangs and small eyes

With small eyes, especially if they’re close set, baby doll bangs can help accentuate the eyes by reducing the apparent length of the forehead.

Bettie Page is one of the most famous of the ’50s pinup girls. The haircut that she made famous is now a popular retro style. It’s essentially a cut that keeps the bangs even across the forehead and long enough to curl them under.

Bettie Page Bangs

Bettie Page

Change it up

Bangs are versatile! I have my bangs cut straight across but can also make them swoop across to the side.

If your face is long, you can help to frame it with bangs, as Carrie Underwood does above. And of course, it does help bring out the best in your face if your forehead is high.

Think about your facial features. Think about how bangs might help frame them and talk about them with your stylist. And keep in mind that bangs are never a fix for a bad cut.

Product + Blow Dryer = Perfect bangs

You can have bangs any length you like but to get them to lay right they must be blow dried. If you let your hair air dry, forget having bangs. Remember your hair has a mind of it’s own. If not controlled it goes where it wants. If you do not take control of it and tell it what you want it to do then it does what it wants. Kind of like my 8 year old son.

Once I cut your bangs, I’ll show you how to make them behave. Even when trying to get ready and out the door in the morning with children to get to work on time. Believe me it’s easy!

Tell us your experience with bangs.

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