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Alfaparf Hair Color Health

Alfaparf Hair Color in Tacoma

Did you know that there are mummies in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo with colored hair? The practice probably predates writing and has been with us for thousands of years.

But the Egyptians would not have worried about the health effects of color like we do. Hair colors with ammonia last longer but some people have a sensitivity to ammonia and it can irritate the scalp.

One of the reasons I love Alfaparf hair colors is because they are low-ammonia. In fact, some of their products are ammonia-free and based on vegetable dyes that give incredible color and shine.

Another reason I love Alfaparf is their selection of colors. I can take you all the way from black to bleach blonde and everything in between (not in one afternoon, however).

If you have a sensitivity to ammonia or just want to be using something less harsh on your beautiful hair, come see me. I’ll not only color your hair and send you out smiling, I’ll make sure you have products and instructions for taking care of your color to make it last.

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