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I Want to Cut Joan Jett’s Hair

Joan Jett HairThe Who blasting over the sound system at Spokane’s Northern Quest Casino was the cue. Shawn and I (see my hair color page) started running for the stage in our heels. I could barely keep up with her but we got right up to the stage!

And there she was, looking absolutely gorgeous at 51—JOAN FREAKING JETT. Damn, woman, you rocked the house. Joan is totally fit and super cute for a woman of any age and she’s obviously still having fun up there on stage.

Before going to the show, after years of talking about it, Shawn and I got matching Blackheart tattoos. Are we insane? No, we just love our Joanie and she makes us feel so good.Joan Jett Blackheart Tattoos

You would be amazed at Joan’s audience. It was teens to grandmas and everyone was having a blast. Can you imagine standing in front of a crowd, singing a hit that you’ve sung since you were 16 (!) and still having fun. Joan was. She had a big smile plastered on her beautiful face.

About Joan’s hair. I don’t want to cut it because I think it looks bad. I just think it would be fun. And I’m basically wearing the same style and color so wouldn’t we just have so much to chat about. I don’t play guitar but I look cool holding one.

This was my fourth time seeing The Amazing Ms. Jett. Can I ever top being front and center?
Shawn and me at Joan JettI’m ready to give it a shot.

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