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Which Blonde Do You Wanna Be?

If, while sitting happily in my chair, you tell me you want to go blonde, the first question out of my mouth will be, “Ok, what kind of blonde do you want to be?”

Jennifer Aniston Blonde

“What do you mean?”

“First of all, do you want to be a cool blonde or a warm blonde?”

I’m not asking whether you want to be sultry or remote on a date. I’m just tellin’ ya that there isn’t one kind of blonde.

Take Jen here. She is definitely a warm blonde. Her tone at this point in her career really ran to the caramel end of the blonde spectrum. We can’t know from this picture how well that complimented her skin, as the Photoshop gods never allow celebrities onto a page without removing some of what’s really there (have you ever Googled “celebrities without makeup?”).

Pink is a cool blonde

Chances are, however, that her small cadre of stylist, colorist, and makeup artist would have made it all work together. They should for what they get paid.

But Jen does have skin that is sort of olive and she has brown eyes (she wears blue contacts). You’re a warm if you tan easily and your veins on your inner wrist are greenish.

Pink, on the other hand, is definitely a cool blonde (in more than one way). Although her eyes are also brown, her skin is fairer than Jen’s. Cools will usually burn before they tan and their veins are full of ice — or at least appear blue on the inner wrist.

If you were blonde as a child, you have the right skin tone for being a blonde adult. That doesn’t mean you can’t go blonde if you weren’t born that way. It just means you want to come see me to make sure you choose the right tone of blonde.

If you’re a warm and you go too brassy, it can look rather harsh. Dark eyes and green eyes are usually complemented more by darker hair than lighter. And if you’re naturally brown, you probably don’t want to go too light or you’ll look washed out.

But the bottom line is that blonde is lots of fun. You can always try the spectrum and go back to natural if you change your mind.

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