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The Bieber Cut: Gone But Not Forgotten

What kind of life would it be if everyone in the world, even people you don’t know, had a stake in how you wear your hair? I think I’d go mad.

Justin Bieber HaircutMy son loves Justin Bieber. And of course lots of kids have been going for the Bieber cut for a while now.

But, whoa, what? Stop the presses! Justin chopped his top!

I took my eight-and-a-half-year-old to see Never Say Never, the new documentary about Justin. I absolutely fell in love with the little pistol. Aiden and I had such a good time and it was very special for me to share this with him.

My mom loved music. It was always a bonding experience for us. She loved Streisand and Nat King Cole and lots of that great classic stuff. But she also introduced me to Prince. This was something we shared that I carry with me always.

We went to see Purple Rain when it came out and then next time Prince came to Seattle, we saw him live. He is such an amazing talent and a wonderful performer.

justin-bieber-new-haircut-jan-2011 Since kids are all about the Bieber cut, I wonder if moms are going to be trooping their kids to my chair to get the new Bieber chop. I have to say I like his new do. It makes him look a bit older and more mature.

But I hope my own little guy keeps his young look for a while yet. I’m not ready for him to start looking (and acting) like a tween, not to mention a TEEN!

For now, I get the motherly joy of sharing something with him that in a few years he’ll probably turn up his nose at. And someday, he’ll look back and wistfully say, “Mom, you remember when we saw Justin Bieber together?”

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