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Yes You Can! (Wear Short Haircuts.)

Short & Sassy Haircut When I was trying to decide what to be when I grew up (what am I saying? I haven’t grown up yet!) I thought I wanted to specialize in coloring hair.

I wanted to paint people’s heads, bringing color to the world across a thousand-and-one hairstyles.

I’d been coloring my hair, Mom’s hair, and my friends’ hair since I was 14 years old. It seemed natural that I would come out of beauty school with color on the brain.

Passion cuts

In my years as a stylist, however, I’ve found that my passion is expressed through scissor and razor.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to do hair color (Alfaparf) and I’m apparently damned good at it, if my reviews have anything to say about it. But I feel like a technician with color. I feel more like an artist with scissors in hand.

Cutting it fine

So you and your girlfriend, sister, mom are walking down the street and you see a woman with a darling short cut. You all exclaim how great she looks and then one of you says, “I could never pull that off!” The others nod in melancholy agreement that they couldn’t either.

But, no, no, no, girls…you’re wrong! You just need a stylist who can sculpt away all that’s hiding the adorable-inner-short-hair-girl that’s screaming to get out.Another short and sassy haircut

ANYONE can rock a short hairdo. I had short hair for about five years and I loved the attention the cut got me when I was out and about. I’m growing it out now but I miss my short haircut. It’s soooooooo easy in the morning.

Everyone should try short at least once in their lifetime. It’s scary if you’ve been growing your locks for years and it dusts your butt. You just have to suck it up and realize that it’s gonna keep growing until you depart this blessed life.

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