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Kid’s Haircuts R Fun!

Kid's Haircuts Before
This little guy is Harrison. Daddy Jim wanted Harrison to have a mohawk.

This is Momma Jodi.

Momma Jodi was not so sure.

Kid's Haircuts & Moms

Daddy Jim said, “Just this once. Might as well get it out of the way while he’s little.”

Children's Haircuts Are Cute
Daddy Jim thought the outcome was pretty rad!
Children's Haircuts Make Them Smile
Apparently so did Harrison.
Haircut and Foil-Tacoma Colorist
And finally so did Momma Jodi, shown here after a cut and foil that I did for Momma.

This was really, really fun! I rocked that boy out and am super excited to share these photo’s. Cutting children’s hair can be very fun for all involved in you have a stylist who likes to work with kids. I love it, so bring your little darlings to me.

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