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Long Hair Styles Layered

When you’ve worn a long hairstyle for a long time, you wanna change it up, right? Haven’t we all felt this at one time or another?

Long Hair Styles Layered

So what do you do? Easy schmeezy. Go for layers.

We all love Joan Jett and her medium hair style works great with short layers. I can help you find the rocker in you.

I’m currently growing my own hair out for this very reason. I had a short hair style for five years and I loved it, not least because it’s so easy to care for.

But my inner rocker ho was screaming to get out and it was time for a change.

Short Layers in Long Blond Hair

I can do the same for you. Long hairstyles are easier than you think to care for if you go hairstyle long/layer short.

Plop your butt down in my chair and once we get you all chopped up—in a good way—I’ll coach you on how to rock those new layers out with a flat iron, a little teasing, and let’s not forget the shellac (hairspray).

The great thing, girl, is that you’ll still have long hair but you’ll look and feel like a new woman and you’ll shorten your blow drying to manageable minutes.

If you already have long hair with short layers, leave us all comments about your favorite way to wear it.

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