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More Than Just Customers

I’ve been cutting Colleen’s hair for about three years now. She followed me from Seattle and is one of my favorite clients for a number of reasons.

Razor cut and bleach

Colleen Before Bleach & Tone | Front

She let’s me rock my inner artist cuz she pretty much let’s me do whatever I want. About halfway through the cut, she gets this huge, adorable smile on her face and gets really giddy.

Before Bleach & Tone | Side

Before Bleach & Tone | Side

This tends to boost one’s confidence in one’s skills, as giddiness in clients is a good thing. Colleen started out as a client and is now a friend.

Colleen After Bleach & Tone | Front

Colleen After Bleach & Tone | Front

I love this about my job. Sometimes I get to see my clients more often then I do my long time friends, so my clients become my friends.

L . O . V . E      T . H . A . T.

I get to see them about every four to six weeks and it’s almost like a followup and check in of their lives.

I love doing hair, I love being an artist, but this connection I get with people and their lives is what it’s all about for me.

After Bleach & Tone | Front

After Bleach & Tone | Adorable

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