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Summer Hair

Summer Hair Color

This Memorial Day Weekend post is for all who color their hair dark and want it lighter for summer.  Not for those of the all natural virgin hair.

Summer is coming and for some reason ’tis the season people like to lighten their hair.

The sun naturally does this a bit for us.  Even my black fades quicker in the summer.

Going from dark-dark to light-light

But the question that comes up often is how to go from really dark hair or even black to a lighter shade or even blonde without the damage?

The answer is G R A D U A L L Y.

Which, when it comes to my colorful hair history, there is no such thing. I once went from black to white-blonde in two days. Eleven hours total with bleach on my head! We got it blonde but by the end my hair had to be cut to about an inch to get rid of the damage. I didn’t care about the length. I just wanted it blonde.

(I would never do this to a client. I did this with another stylist understanding the consequences.)

The healthy-hair way

But for those who want to keep their locks intact I suggest going gradual. This means that you come and see me with at least three hours to spend in the salon.

I do have to use bleach. Then we see how much color we can lift and what level we can get your hair to.  Then we pick a shade and color your hair, which also may involve putting foils of low-volume bleach in to give a variation of color.

How long can you go before you have to come see me again?  Anywhere from four to six weeks depending on how fast your hair grows and how much you hate looking at your new growth.

The next time you come to see me we can foil again and keep lifting each time, more and more and soon enough, maybe by the 3rd visit you can be blonde and ready for summer.

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