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You Don’t Like My Hair?!

Don't Like My Hair? You know the scenario. Or maybe you don’t. I do.

About a year ago I left home one morning with black hair and returned that evening with crayon-red-colored hair. I walked in the back door and there was my darling partner doing the dishes in the kitchen. I stood there with a silly grin and expectant look on my face.

She just looked right at me for a minute and turned to finish the dishes. This is one of those moments in a relationship when you want your partner to SAY SOMETHING!

“Well?,” I asked. No pressure on her at all of course.

“I don’t like it.” OUCH.

Cue panic mode. Your partner is someone who has to look at you everyday and you want to look good for them. I like it. Why doesn’t she?

The next bit of fun feedback came from my 8-year-old son when I went to pick him up from school. He climbs into the car and blurts out, “Mom! You look like a freak!”

Gosh. Ok. Well, whatever. Back to black.

I also would love to wear Betty Paige bangs, cut straight across. The girlfriend says no. They don’t look good on me. When your partner says you don’t look good in something, you kinda have to listen, no?

I get men and women in my chair all the time who tell me, “I would LOVE to do XYZ with my hair but my partner doesn’t like it.”

The way out

But there is a way out of this dilemma and I’ve taken it on more than one occasion. Do it anyway. There is always an OUT.

If you color it and they don’t like it, it can be changed. If you cut it and they don’t like it, it will grow back or you can style it differently. There is always a change that can be made and I’ve made most of them.

A couple of weeks ago I bleached and toned my uncle’s hair blonde (his is naturally dark brown and gray). Everyone who knows him says, “Oh, I’ll kind of need to get used to this.” He doesn’t care. Cuz he knows he’s got a niece with little bottles of color and she knows how to use them.

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