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BANGS! Just Like That

Are you so sick of your hair and in need of a change but not willing to loose your length. BANGS are the littlest big change you can make. Here is my dear client and friend, Sarah who was really scared to make the change but had the ovaries to give it a try.

Sarah's hair before bangs and ombre

“They’ll grow back or I can push them to the side, right?” she asked as she sat on the toilet in her bathroom, holding her breath. Sarah is a beautiful girl and could shave her head and still be gorgeous.

Sarah after bangs and ombre

You can see that we didn’t shave her head cuz that would have just been cruel. But I really love the bangs on her. In the second photo with her new bangs, you’ll note that I have also given her an Ombre, which is a super easy, low-maintenance hair color for those who are on a budget or just hate getting there hair done every four to six weeks.

So next time you want to make a change but are feeling a little timid, you only have to work up half the courage to come in and let me play with your bangs.

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