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Another Curly Haircut I Love

Y’all know that I love cutting and styling curls. Lots of stylists find them a pain but I think they’re beautiful. Curly hairstyles are not difficult and they’re really fun. Or maybe I don’t find them difficult BECAUSE I find them fun.

I know I wrote a curly hair blog before and it was such a success for getting you curly headed clients into my chair that I thought I would try this again. Because I love to cut curly hair so much I wanted to share this client of mine with you.

curly hairstyles are fun

This client came to me the first time very nervous, as most of you are with curls. She had long, almost all-one-length hair and needed a little update. She’s a Mary Kay lady, a business woman, and may I add, very fashionable. So we needed to make her hair match her personality.

She brought me a photo she found online that simulated this hair cut but in the photo the hair was pinned up. After much discussion and letting the nerves settle we began.

I duplicated the simulated style in to a real hair cut and this cut was so much fun, she was just beaming when I was finished.

We stacked it up in the back and put a pretty steep angle to it. While styling, I used a curl cream product, defused with a blow dryer, then for her bangs and front facial framing, we flat-ironed those pieces straight for style. Finished up with a little teasing for fullness and hairspray. I think she looks fabulous.

Putting a little bounce in your hair can put more bounce in your step. Just look at this gorgeous smiling face. See how I get to end my days at the salon?

Long curly hairstyles are elegant

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