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Hairstyles: A New Look Makes a Difference

I sometimes get the question about whether any particular hairstyle or haircut or coloring makes me nervous to do. After the years I’ve been in the biz, not really. But recently I had a haircut that scared the bejeesuz out of me.

This is my darling girlfriend. We just celebrated our third anniversary and this was my FIRST TIME CUTTING OFF HER HAIR! I never get scared to chop-chop-chop on clients’ hair but I have to live with this one.

Tessa Before her Haircut

Tessa Before

This was a HUGE change for her and Tessa hates change. I was so very proud of her that she just took a big gulp and did it. She looks amazing, don’t you think? She said she was ready for a new beginning, damn, here it is.

Tessa After Haircut

Tessa After

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