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When Booking an Appointment

Here are some friendly tips that I want to pass along that can help when finding and booking your next appointment at a salon.

Two Types of Salons

There are two types of salons and lots of folks don’t realize this when they go looking for a new stylist.

First there is a commission salon, where the stylist works on a commission basis. In a nutshell, the stylist makes a commission for the butt in the chair and the service the stylist is performing. (And for all the fabulous advice she/he gives you on your love life.)

Then there is chair rental. This is where the stylist is in business for herself and pays a monthly payment of rent to the salon owner.

I am a chair rental stylist. Which means I work when I have clients on scheduled days and if I don’t have clients I don’t go to work. Pretty sweet deal, huh! I am my own boss. I buy my own product and use what ever product I love best. I am responsible for my further education, promoting my bidnez, etc. If I want a day off I get to take it and come to work when I have clients.

The reason I’m writing this is to inform y’all and help you understand how to get yer fabulous butt in my fabulous chair. I get calls often from clients wanting to make same day appointments and I feel bad trying to explain that I’m not in the salon and I’m self employed and unfortunately can’t help them right at that minute.

So when looking for a salon the first thing is to try and figure out is if you are calling a commission salon or a chair rental salon if you need to get in that day. If you don’t need to get in that day, I would really love to hear from you. If you need work done that day, I will commiserate with you and seriously feel really bad about not being available. And then I’ll drink my latte.

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