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About JOEY

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What you really want to know about my story is whether I’m experienced and capable of helping you look and feel the way you want to. I’m a woman. Whether you’re a man or woman, I know how important feeling good about your hair is to you.

I graduated from Gary Manuel AVEDA Institute in Seattle in the fall of 2006.

From that time until 2010, I was a manager and stylist at Zero Zero, Summit St., Capital Hill in Seattle.http://www.hairsalontacoma.com/wp-admin/media-upload.php?post_id=665&type=image&TB_iframe=1

I now have a chair at the gorgeous Stella and Rocco’s Hair Salon.

I have additional training in Modern Organic Products (M.O.P.) and the latest greatest hair cutting / coloring techniques.

Hair stylists are like therapists—you have to find the one who can listen to your hair needs and your life needs.

I’m perfectly at home with razor cuts, clipper cuts, curls, long layers, dry / wet cuts, color, bleach and tone – but above all else, I truly love and excel with color and foiling. If you’ve got a tricky color job that needs extra special attention to detail, come see me and we’ll fix you up!

Joey and son Aiden

There will be no extra charge for my opinion on your relationship with your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife. I may forget your name but I will always remember your life story.

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I work the following days plus a couple of Saturdays a month.

Sunday 10am to 10pm
Monday 10am to 10pm
Tuesday 10am to 10pm