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Summer Hair

Summer Hair Color

This Memorial Day Weekend post is for all who color their hair dark and want it lighter for summer.  Not for those of the all natural virgin hair.

Summer is coming and for some reason ’tis the season people like to lighten their hair.

The sun naturally does this a bit for us.  Even my black fades quicker in the summer.

Going from dark-dark to light-light

But the question that comes up often is how to go from really dark hair or even black to a lighter shade or even blonde without the damage?

The answer is G R A D U A L L Y.

Which, when it comes to my colorful hair history, there is no such thing. I once went from black to white-blonde in two days. Eleven hours total with bleach on my head! We got it blonde but by the end my hair had to be cut to about an inch to get rid of the damage. I didn’t care about the length. I just wanted it blonde.

(I would never do this to a client. I did this with another stylist understanding the consequences.)

The healthy-hair way

But for those who want to keep their locks intact I suggest going gradual. This means that you come and see me with at least three hours to spend in the salon.

I do have to use bleach. Then we see how much color we can lift and what level we can get your hair to.  Then we pick a shade and color your hair, which also may involve putting foils of low-volume bleach in to give a variation of color.

How long can you go before you have to come see me again?  Anywhere from four to six weeks depending on how fast your hair grows and how much you hate looking at your new growth.

The next time you come to see me we can foil again and keep lifting each time, more and more and soon enough, maybe by the 3rd visit you can be blonde and ready for summer.


I’ve been cutting Colleen’s hair for about three years now. She followed me from Seattle and is one of my favorite clients for a number of reasons.

Razor cut and bleach

Colleen Before Bleach & Tone | Front

She let’s me rock my inner artist cuz she pretty much let’s me do whatever I want. About halfway through the cut, she gets this huge, adorable smile on her face and gets really giddy.

Before Bleach & Tone | Side

Before Bleach & Tone | Side

This tends to boost one’s confidence in one’s skills, as giddiness in clients is a good thing. Colleen started out as a client and is now a friend.

Colleen After Bleach & Tone | Front

Colleen After Bleach & Tone | Front

I love this about my job. Sometimes I get to see my clients more often then I do my long time friends, so my clients become my friends.

L . O . V . E      T . H . A . T.

I get to see them about every four to six weeks and it’s almost like a followup and check in of their lives.

I love doing hair, I love being an artist, but this connection I get with people and their lives is what it’s all about for me.

After Bleach & Tone | Front

After Bleach & Tone | Adorable


When choosing a hair color, it’s not just about price. It’s also about taking good care of your hair’s health and getting the best color for your features and skin.

Alfaparf is an Italian company that makes, what I think, are the best hair colors around. Here’s a video of Alfaparf Milano a Cosmoprof 2010. Ohhhh, wouldn’t it be fun to go to Milan and play in this trade fair?

Don’t worry if you don’t speak Italian. Just look at all the beautiful people and fun activity for two minutes.


This head hugging “inverted” bob is a classic style that can be easily modified to suit any face shape.

Inverted Bob-Hairstyle that's always in styleAdjustments can be made to the fringe or bang area, length and layers to play up some features and minimize others. It can very in length.  You choose each detail and make it yours.

An inverted bob hairstyle is one of the easiest hairstyle to control. Although it is rather simple it is also very stylish. Inverted Bob hairstyles are always in style and always updating themselves.

For baby fine hair can be part of the newest trend. The classic bob haircut’s defining feature is the obvious clean-cut lines at the ends of the hair.There are many variations of the bob: your best choice for fine hair would be keeping the length above chin level.

This cutting style generally referred to as stacked, layered, or graduated hairstyle. The cut can have asymmetrical lines, or be an inverted bob hair style.

Styles are worn with or without bangs, over the face, or with side bangsJessica Simpson with an Inverted Bob Haircut There is also a choice of side or middle parts. Obviously color is not an issue and there really isn’t a face shape that won’t work with the bob.

In my years of styling I have found this cut to be so fun and can be cut in so many different ways.  This one being pretty angled.

Highly angled inverted bob short haircut
Whatever way you decide is yours, you’ll find this classic short haircut to be a blast and will garner you lots of positive attention.


When you’ve worn a long hairstyle for a long time, you wanna change it up, right? Haven’t we all felt this at one time or another?

Long Hair Styles Layered

So what do you do? Easy schmeezy. Go for layers.

We all love Joan Jett and her medium hair style works great with short layers. I can help you find the rocker in you.

I’m currently growing my own hair out for this very reason. I had a short hair style for five years and I loved it, not least because it’s so easy to care for.

But my inner rocker ho was screaming to get out and it was time for a change.

Short Layers in Long Blond Hair

I can do the same for you. Long hairstyles are easier than you think to care for if you go hairstyle long/layer short.

Plop your butt down in my chair and once we get you all chopped up—in a good way—I’ll coach you on how to rock those new layers out with a flat iron, a little teasing, and let’s not forget the shellac (hairspray).

The great thing, girl, is that you’ll still have long hair but you’ll look and feel like a new woman and you’ll shorten your blow drying to manageable minutes.

If you already have long hair with short layers, leave us all comments about your favorite way to wear it.


OMG, look at these kick-ass Japanese chicks playing kick-ass rock and letting their freak-flags fly (that’s my mother’s generation’s speak for having wild hair).


Kid's Haircuts Before
This little guy is Harrison. Daddy Jim wanted Harrison to have a mohawk.

This is Momma Jodi.

Momma Jodi was not so sure.

Kid's Haircuts & Moms

Daddy Jim said, “Just this once. Might as well get it out of the way while he’s little.”

Children's Haircuts Are Cute
Daddy Jim thought the outcome was pretty rad!
Children's Haircuts Make Them Smile
Apparently so did Harrison.
Haircut and Foil-Tacoma Colorist
And finally so did Momma Jodi, shown here after a cut and foil that I did for Momma.

This was really, really fun! I rocked that boy out and am super excited to share these photo’s. Cutting children’s hair can be very fun for all involved in you have a stylist who likes to work with kids. I love it, so bring your little darlings to me.


Short & Sassy Haircut When I was trying to decide what to be when I grew up (what am I saying? I haven’t grown up yet!) I thought I wanted to specialize in coloring hair.

I wanted to paint people’s heads, bringing color to the world across a thousand-and-one hairstyles.

I’d been coloring my hair, Mom’s hair, and my friends’ hair since I was 14 years old. It seemed natural that I would come out of beauty school with color on the brain.

Passion cuts

In my years as a stylist, however, I’ve found that my passion is expressed through scissor and razor.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to do hair color (Alfaparf) and I’m apparently damned good at it, if my reviews have anything to say about it. But I feel like a technician with color. I feel more like an artist with scissors in hand.

Cutting it fine

So you and your girlfriend, sister, mom are walking down the street and you see a woman with a darling short cut. You all exclaim how great she looks and then one of you says, “I could never pull that off!” The others nod in melancholy agreement that they couldn’t either.

But, no, no, no, girls…you’re wrong! You just need a stylist who can sculpt away all that’s hiding the adorable-inner-short-hair-girl that’s screaming to get out.Another short and sassy haircut

ANYONE can rock a short hairdo. I had short hair for about five years and I loved the attention the cut got me when I was out and about. I’m growing it out now but I miss my short haircut. It’s soooooooo easy in the morning.

Everyone should try short at least once in their lifetime. It’s scary if you’ve been growing your locks for years and it dusts your butt. You just have to suck it up and realize that it’s gonna keep growing until you depart this blessed life.

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What kind of life would it be if everyone in the world, even people you don’t know, had a stake in how you wear your hair? I think I’d go mad.

Justin Bieber HaircutMy son loves Justin Bieber. And of course lots of kids have been going for the Bieber cut for a while now.

But, whoa, what? Stop the presses! Justin chopped his top!

I took my eight-and-a-half-year-old to see Never Say Never, the new documentary about Justin. I absolutely fell in love with the little pistol. Aiden and I had such a good time and it was very special for me to share this with him.

My mom loved music. It was always a bonding experience for us. She loved Streisand and Nat King Cole and lots of that great classic stuff. But she also introduced me to Prince. This was something we shared that I carry with me always.

We went to see Purple Rain when it came out and then next time Prince came to Seattle, we saw him live. He is such an amazing talent and a wonderful performer.

justin-bieber-new-haircut-jan-2011 Since kids are all about the Bieber cut, I wonder if moms are going to be trooping their kids to my chair to get the new Bieber chop. I have to say I like his new do. It makes him look a bit older and more mature.

But I hope my own little guy keeps his young look for a while yet. I’m not ready for him to start looking (and acting) like a tween, not to mention a TEEN!

For now, I get the motherly joy of sharing something with him that in a few years he’ll probably turn up his nose at. And someday, he’ll look back and wistfully say, “Mom, you remember when we saw Justin Bieber together?”


If, while sitting happily in my chair, you tell me you want to go blonde, the first question out of my mouth will be, “Ok, what kind of blonde do you want to be?”

Jennifer Aniston Blonde

“What do you mean?”

“First of all, do you want to be a cool blonde or a warm blonde?”

I’m not asking whether you want to be sultry or remote on a date. I’m just tellin’ ya that there isn’t one kind of blonde.

Take Jen here. She is definitely a warm blonde. Her tone at this point in her career really ran to the caramel end of the blonde spectrum. We can’t know from this picture how well that complimented her skin, as the Photoshop gods never allow celebrities onto a page without removing some of what’s really there (have you ever Googled “celebrities without makeup?”).

Pink is a cool blonde

Chances are, however, that her small cadre of stylist, colorist, and makeup artist would have made it all work together. They should for what they get paid.

But Jen does have skin that is sort of olive and she has brown eyes (she wears blue contacts). You’re a warm if you tan easily and your veins on your inner wrist are greenish.

Pink, on the other hand, is definitely a cool blonde (in more than one way). Although her eyes are also brown, her skin is fairer than Jen’s. Cools will usually burn before they tan and their veins are full of ice — or at least appear blue on the inner wrist.

If you were blonde as a child, you have the right skin tone for being a blonde adult. That doesn’t mean you can’t go blonde if you weren’t born that way. It just means you want to come see me to make sure you choose the right tone of blonde.

If you’re a warm and you go too brassy, it can look rather harsh. Dark eyes and green eyes are usually complemented more by darker hair than lighter. And if you’re naturally brown, you probably don’t want to go too light or you’ll look washed out.

But the bottom line is that blonde is lots of fun. You can always try the spectrum and go back to natural if you change your mind.